The Best Ad Networks list For Bloggers
The Best Ad Networks list For Bloggers

Most of them are either Pay Per Click or Cost Per Thousand. Pay Per Click, or PPC, means you get a money each time your readers click your ads. cost Per Thousand, or CPM, means you get a specific amount of money per thousand views the ad receives.  If you are new blogging, you must recognize that you just cannot go away with clicking your own ads to earn cash, or asking your friends and family to click them for you. The ad networks have ways that of knowing when this can be happening and that they will not hesitate to take your account away from you and never provides it back. do not be one of the people that have to learn that lesson the hard method

 Google Adsense

Adsense is the most well-known network, and most agree that their ads tend to perform the most effective. you’ll be able to choose between all types of sizes, text or show ads, and you’re able to your own ads (font, colors ) to a point. They pay once a month via direct deposit or mailed check, and each month you have got to own earned a minimum of $100 to qualify for a payment.

  • $100.00 minimum for payment
  • Paid monthly around the 21st of the month.
  • Paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT) and Check

Propeller Ads

If you prefer popunder and popup ads as well as mobile ads like interstitial and dialog boxes, this is often a good CPM network for you to try out. Propeller Ads is a highly regarded CPM ad network among bloggers and website owners. you can get an eCPM from US$1.00 up to US$10.00 depending on where your visitors are coming back from, if you have got high traffic from the USA then you’ll be able to expect to earn a lot of money with propeller ads while not creating a big effort. The most common styles of websites in which I’ve seen propeller ads are download sites, music, and video streaming websites.

They follow the Net30 payment policy, same as AdSense (they take up to thirty days to method your payment). The minimum payment quantity is us$100 and you’ll be able to receive your payments through Payoneer, Paypal and wire transfer.



Adsterra is a fairly new CPM advertisement network, they’ve been established in 2013. They have had the opportunity to quickly grow in reputation thanks to their particular approach in conditions of advertisement formats and exactly how they ensure that you deliver quality service. Adsterra has become one of the quickest growing and expanding ad networks quickly

This network was at first launched in Scotland and is now expanding all around the globe. Adsterra is serving a lot more than 10 billion unique impressions on a monthly basis currently.

Adsterra specializes in displaying unique and progressive marketing units and incorporate people that have smart methods to monetize for both, desktop and mobile devices. the main types of ad units they currently offer are CPA, CPC, and CPM but the ones that actually perform better are the pop-under ads.

The minimum payment threshold is US$100 and the payments can be received via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Paiza, and Paxum. Payment is usually submitted every 15 days, which is something that We like simply because you can get paid double per month actually. General, Adsterra is an extremely solid CPM advertisement network, We still use their ads in some of my Spanish health sites and also fashion sites because is just very easy to work with them. The support offered to publishers is definitely very good.


RevenueHits is an advertising firm based in Israel, they established their business in 2008 with a whole group of financial professionals, on line marketing experts and other experienced specialists in various areas.
They serve more than two billion impressions daily on publishers sites utilizing a technology that scans millions of online advertising and analyzes publisher performance. Their algorithm promises to optimize your earnings by finding the best offers to be displayed about your site always.

I’ve seen eCPM as high as US$50 with this network and as low as US$0.50, but that will rely on where your visitors come from and also the kind of advertisements you’re using, they carry out have got a sizable range. the minimum payment threshold for this network is US$20 and it can be received through Paypal and Payoneer.

General, RevenueHits is an extremely competitive advertisement network and is 1 of the few rivals to AdSense. If you have a site or web blog and you’re searching for a new way to increase your revenue, I do recommend to try this network.


Adcash is another great CPM advertisement network that has been around for a while ( they’ve been in the business since 2007) and they’ve also been working on improving their algorithms for several years.

This is a company based in Estonia, working with publishers and advertisers around the world, they are very focused on entertainment and gaming content.

Adcash makes use of an active CPM optimization program to hold a relevant advertisement inventory to your likely visitors, but they also offer the option of controlling the advertisements that are being served on your site manually. This choice is certainly a flying for some in the world earning cash articles through advertisements and can help provide the author even more control for better possibilities of transformation.

They have screen advertisements with presents for CPM, CPC, CPA monetization programs with many ad sizes available.

High minimal payment threshold.

Obligations are processed on a Net30 basis and the available payment strategies are PayPal, Skrill, Internet cash, Payoneer, Wire Transfer. The minimal payment threshold is normally EU$100.00, it appears like they procedure all obligations in this currency.
Although I haven’t had the possibility of function with this network myself, I’ve currently seen extremely positive testimonials on additional respectable sites. This is definitely also a solid ad network that you can try in 2018 if you are trying to increase your blogs revenue. is that the ad network powered by Yahoo! and Bing. Their ads look completely different as a result of they are simply these very little colored keyword blocks. works to confirm that the keyword blocks blend well along with your website — they’ll usually use a similar color scheme. These ads complement Adsense ads very well primarily as a result of they are doing look terribly completely different from them. pays monthly with PayPal, however like Adsense you have to have met that $100 least in a month’s time to get a payment.